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Five things you are grateful for?


Failure is a very powerful word, but it only has power over you if you allow it to. Take the power back by replacing the word “FAIL” with the words “OPPORTUNITY TO GROW”. So, you are not failing at work, in the box, on the field, in your relationships, but you are creating space for growth. Every time you feel that you have fallen, is actually a window to explore, learn, and become stronger. The more you “fail”, the more chances you have to grow. Therefore, if you never “fail”, you will never have that choice. If you want to change your life, rewire how you think.

- Angry

Lots of new stuff and things to talk about!

Community, here’s the latest from your mad Korean scientist.

1.  I just purchased and installed mindbodyonline to my site.  This service will allow you to schedule and pay for your own sessions with any of The Angry Therapist catalysts.   All sessions from my catalyst are 75.  I want this to be a place where support is affordable. 

2.  Due to the great responses for the free online meditation classes we experimented with last week, I’m launching regular online meditation classes very soon.  Meditation is something we all know we need, but rarely actually do.  I think committing to a class and doing it with a community will help you get your daily med in.  All you need is a phone and headphones.  I will be using the fitness model, a low monthly membership for unlimited classes as well as drop ins.  If you’re a 5 dollar member, you’ll be able to upgrade.

3.  I am installing LIVE PERSON.  Big companies use it for live customer service.  I will be using it as a tool for you guys to do private one on one chats with my Catalysts.  I know many don’t like webcams.  It’s an amazing tool.  

4.  Free sessions.  If you haven’t taken advantage of this, do it now!  Just email me.

5.  Now that I no longer have a “day job”, I have more time to do everything else.  Like supervise.  I’m holding online supervision every Mondays for any life coach, therapist, social worker, anyone in the business of helping others.  Unfortunately, I do have to charge so that I can pay my bills.  It will be 30 bucks per class.  When I was an intern, I was paying 75 out of pocket and I could only talk about my cases even though I had questions about tons of other stuff.  Anyway, I hope that’s affordable for you guys.  Bring any case load, situations, questions about coaching, branding, life, a beer?  What ever you want to round table.  Or just show up and know that you’ll learn something from the group, because you will.  Promise. 

6.  If you’re on my team but don’t want to or have time to do sessions, please let me know how you would like to participate.  Unfortunately, I will start to delete anyone who isn’t participating because I want to focus my time on those who are.  Sorry if that feels cold.  My fire is extremely bright right now and I have to focus on those who are active and have the same vision.

7.  The next Catalyst course will be in mid August.  If you’re interested in being a life coach, building an online practice, and potentially being a part of my team, email me to enroll now. 

That’s it for now,

Let’s build something,

- Angry

On sex addiction

When someone says they’re a recovering alcoholic, they get hugs and high fives.  When someone says they’re a recovering sex addict, they get awkward silences and people wanting to hide their children.  Sex addiction doesn’t automatically make you a pedophile or a predator.  It’s not even about sex.  Like any addiction, sex addiction is about numbing, hiding, coping and escape, which we all do in our own way.  The drug for sex addicts usually starts at internet porn.  For many, it stays there.  For others, it turns into something more.  

How much of this disease is a manifestation of unsupervised children being exposed to porn at a very early age when their brains can’t process what it’s taking in?  How much of this disease has to do with culture, advertising, definitions of intimacy, beauty, and sex?  How much of this disease has to do with emotional malnourishment?  The recipe for addiction is universally all the same.   

But sex addiction is more shame based than other addictions, due to our judgements and labels we place on the sex addict.  It’s the same thing we do with people who struggle with eating disorders.  This keeps them under a heavy rock, isolated and lonely, creating the richest soil for their disease to live and grow - shame.  Judgement comes from ignorance and fear.  I encourage you to see the sex addict as any addict.  They are people who live with a disease that they fight daily, their disease always being an arms length away.  They are children who had to grow up too fast.  They are people who weren’t given tools.  Just like you and me.  And they plow through the world doing the best they can, hiding parts of them.  Just like you and me.  They’re also smart, funny, charismatic, ambitious, loving, kind and brave. 

Just like you and me.

- Angry

Strength in pain

Depends on your definition of pain.  If you associate pain with suffering or a blanket that cripples you, there will be no strength.  Pain then is weakness.  A flashing red light.  A dark tunnel with no way out.   Pain is panic, resistance, a waving white flag with rolling credits. 

But if you define pain as a short space for transformation, a one way ticket earned to get on a ride called your potential, a physical or emotional sign that change and healing is actually taking place, pain can be your greatest power source.  Pain, whether in your heart or body, gives us revelations, awareness, muscle, endurance, and speed.  Pain hands us a mirror.  It reminds us we’re alive. 

Don’t resist pain.  Instead, lean into it.  Pain is power. 

For it’s the birthplace of strength. 

- Angry

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